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Vascular Distensibility: Arterial and Venous Functions

Date: 12. June 2018

Vascular Distensibility
In this lecture ´´Vascular Distensibility: Arterial and Venous Functions´´ is explained. Section one is about ´´Vascular Distensibility´´. Earlier in this section units of vascular distensibility are discussed in detail. Then vascular compliance or vascular capacitance is focused. At last, delayed compliance or stress-relaxation of vessels is considered.

Arterial Pressure Pulsations
Section two is about ‘’Arterial Pressure Pulsations’’. Educator’s first question of explanation is pressure pulsations. Moving onward is the abnormal pressure pulse contours. After that transmission of pressure pulses is of prime focus. 

Clinical Methods for Measurement
Section three is about ‘’Clinical Methods for Measurement’’. In the first few slides of this section auscultatory method is explained. Next, information about normal arterial pressures is conveyed. This is followed by mean arterial pressure.

Veins and Their Functions
Section four is about ‘’Veins and Their Functions’’. Educator notify that venous pressures-right atrial pressure is regulated by a balance between the ability of the heart to pump blood out and the tendency for blood to flow. After that venous resistance and peripheral venous pressure is pursued. Lastly, educator tells the effect of gravitational pressure on venous pressure.

Blood Reservoir Function of the Veins
Section five is about ‘’Blood Reservoir Function of the Veins’’. This section is initiated by the illustration of function of veins. More than 60 percent of all the blood in the circulatory system is usually in the veins. Then educator tell about the specific blood reservoirs. These reservoirs include the spleen, liver, large abdominal veins, and venous plexus beneath the skin. Educator explained in detail about spleen: reservoir for storing red blood cells.

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