Anatomy is a basic course in the Medical sciences concerned with the identification and description of the human body structures. provide you detailed medical video lectures covering all aspects of anatomical features and syllabus for medical students, as per ''Grant's Atlas of Anatomy'' by Anne M.R. Agur.

Gross Anatomy is the study of macroscopic structures that are visible to naked eye. V-Learning™ improves student’s learning and helps to identify macroscopic structures using high quality images in PowerPoint presentations (PPT).

From Meninges to Ankle, Subtalar and Foot Joints, video presentations cover both, regional and systemic approach.

Anatomical position is the description of any region or part of the human body in a specific stance. Our engaging and passionate educators illustrate relationship of structure by the help of anatomical positions.

Watch sqadia120 at, 2-Minute clips through which medical students will learn the concepts in a more advanced way and in a shorter time as well as Medical professionals can get a glimpse into Anatomy.

Medical Lectures