Biochemistry is the study of chemical characteristics and reactions taking place in human body. Medical Biochemistry course at V-Learning™ looks at the functioning of normal and diseased organisms from a biochemical point of view.

Medical syllabus of Biochemistry at fulfil the requirement of MBBS students as per “Textbook of Medical Biochemistry” by MN Chatterjea and also meet the need of Biochemistry lectures, for postgraduate students of Biochemistry.

As the medical video lectures are clinically oriented, it will be of much help to postgraduate students of Pathology, medicine and paediatrics as well

Colourful images of biochemistry are used in presentations (PPT) to make more attractive, clinical Biochemistry lectures, highlighting important clinical aspects like Detoxification, Metabolism in Starvation.

Overall objective of lectures by Doctors at is to provide concise yet authoritative coverage on the basics of Biochemistry with clinical approach to understand the disease processes.

Medical Lectures