Medicine, Forensic

Forensic medicine deals with examination and assessment of humans who have been - or are suspected to have been - injured or killed by external influence such as trauma or intoxication, but also of human beings who are suspected of having injured another person.

Medical syllabus of Forensic Science at V-Learning™ is designed to meet international criteria and include famed Medical books like ''Knight's Forensic Pathology'' by Bernard Knight.

Forensic Autopsy procedure, Nature of wounds and Injuries (e.g. Self-Inflicted Injuries), Poisoning and Forensic Pathology are best explained in High Definition Medical Video Lectures and PowerPoint (PPTs).

Forensic Entomology is the study of insects associated with a human corpse in an effort to determine Post-mortem interval. Medical Students can find Medical Lectures from Post-mortem Decomposition to Ancestry and Dating of Skeletal Remains at

Medical Lectures of Energetic and Experienced Doctors at increase your Medical learning and make it easy for you to understand key Forensic Terminologies and Procedures of Internal Examination and Exhumation.

Medical Lectures