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Acoustic Neuroma
Data 2fimages 2fecghtmqwreicyhyloziw 181106 s1 mushtaq saima overview
Data 2fimages 2fxaz1ob9hsj2jq2zzayjv 181106 s2 mushtaq saima clinical features
Clinical Features
Data 2fimages 2fcwsvklbhrmax9u5w59pj 181106 s3 mushtaq saima investigations
Data 2fimages 2fw1jwzbecq9c5odkrkqp6 181106 s4 mushtaq saima radiological tests and diagnosis
Radiological Tests and Diagnosis
Data 2fimages 2flsyan2nvt6wy6brxxbwd 181106 s5 mushtaq saima treatment

Lecture´s Description


In this lecture, the educator deals with the topic of Acoustic Neuroma. In section one, Overview of Acoustic Neuroma is put forth. The educator starts off by thoroughly demonstrating the Incidence and Pathology of Acoustic Neuroma. Afterwards, the Origin and Growth of Tumour are extensively discussed. Subsequently, the educator talks in detail about Classification of Acoustic Neuroma.

Clinical Features

Section two is about the Clinical Features of Acoustic Neuroma. The educator elaborates on the Age and Sex factor and demonstrates Cochleovestibular Symptoms. Later, the Cranial Nerve Involvement, Brainstem Involvement, and Cerebellar Involvement are elucidated one by one. Moreover, the concept of Raised Intracranial Tension is also clarified.


Section three focuses on Investigations of Acoustic Neuroma. Numerous Investigation techniques used to diagnose Acoustic Neuroma are highlighted such as Audiological Tests, Stapedial Reflex Decay Test, Vestibular Test, Neurological Test, and CSF Examination.

Radiological Tests and Diagnosis

Section four gives information about Radiological Tests and Diagnosis. The educator gives an overview of Radiological Tests and sheds light on Computed Tomography (CT) Scan. Afterwards, an extensive demonstration of MRI with Gadolinium Contrast and Vertebral Angiography is carried out. In addition to this, the educator addresses Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA). Subsequently, the Differential Diagnosis of Acoustic Neuroma is reported followed by a description of Tumours of Cerebellopontine Angle.


In section five, the educator brings to light the Treatment of Acoustic Neuroma. First of all, various Surgical approaches for the Treatment of Acoustic Neuroma are comprehensively introduced which include Middle Cranial Fossa Approach, Translabyrinthine Approach, Suboccipital (Retrosigmoid) Approach, and Combined Translabyrinthine-Suboccipital Approach. Afterwards, the educator shifts the discussion towards Radiotherapy approaches for the Treatment of Acoustic Neuroma such as X-knife or Gamma Knife Surgery and Cyber Knife.

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