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Data 2fimages 2fubxn67parjyqxgzayk13 181030 s0 mushtaq saima antepartum complications intro
Antepartum Complications
Data 2fimages 2fpgzioxi2roq9hx7xova6 181030 s1 mushtaq saima post term pregnancy and abo incompatibility
Post-Term Pregnancy and ABO Incompatibility
Data 2fimages 2feqi1ktzrqfcdv6legzus 181030 s2 mushtaq saima vaginal bleeding
Vaginal Bleeding
Data 2fimages 2finpjjaetzmtph2d6avwv 181030 s3 mushtaq saima rhesus disease
Rhesus Disease
Data 2fimages 2fewbheypfsoo5jwtb2n3h 181030 s4 mushtaq saima sensitizing events in rhesus disease
Sensitizing Events in Rhesus Disease
Data 2fimages 2fiattfjg9qq0cqdqbn6ea 181030 s5 mushtaq saima management of sensitizing event
Management of Sensitizing Event

Lecture´s Description

The main highlight of this medical lecture is antepartum complications. At the onset of this section, post-term pregnancy and ABO incompatibility has been delineated. Following this, vaginal bleeding and rhesus disease has been brought under discussion. Furthermore, sensitizing events together with the management and fetal blood transfusion has been deliberated. Additionally, signs of fetal anaemia and new developments have been conversed about.

Post-Term Pregnancy and ABO Incompatibility

This lecture presents detailed information on Antepartum Complications. Section one is primarily focused on the explanation of Post-Term Pregnancy and ABO Incompatibility. In this section, the educator presents a comprehensive overview of Post-Term Pregnancy and puts forth an elucidation of ABO Incompatibility.

Vaginal Bleeding

In section two, the topic of Vaginal Bleeding is addressed. The educator begins by shedding light on Vaginal Bleeding in Pregnancy. Moving forward, the Causes of Antepartum Haemorrhage are demonstrated. In addition to this, the educator deals with the discussion of History, Examination, Investigations, and Management of Vaginal Bleeding.

Rhesus Disease

In section three, the educator talks about Rhesus Disease. First of all, light is shed on Rhesus Isoimmunization. Following this, the educator highlights Aetiology of Rhesus Disease. Later, an extensive description of Rhesus Disease is put forth followed by an explanation of Hemolytic Disease of Fetus and Newborn.

Sensitizing Events in Rhesus Disease

The prime focus of section four is Sensitizing Events in Rhesus Disease. In the start, Prevalence and Prevention are discussed. The educator then elucidates Potential Sensitizing Events. Moreover, the Anti-D Immunoglobulins are also highlighted.

Management of Sensitizing Event

The educator presents an overview of Management of Sensitizing Event. Subsequently, Signs of Fetal Anaemia alongside Rhesus Disease in Sensitized Woman, Fetal Blood Transfusion and Routes of Administration is elaborated. In addition to this, Properties of Transfused Blood in conjunction with the New Developments that have been made so far are mentioned.

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