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C7fiaicfrzuwexulgzad 180723 s0 mushtaq saima benign lesions of cervix intro
Benign Lesions of Cervix
H0kpngprukxnzbj6lgsg 180723 s1 mushtaq saima cervical ectopy
Cervical Ectopy
M25dnswgrliodzgu7hc4 180723 s2 mushtaq saima eversion and cervical tear
Eversion and Cervical Tear
C1bzuyvatfwlmdyltbqz 180723 s3 mushtaq saima cervical stenosis
Cervical Stenosis
Agsyrfuqr2kxjvq2rq0p 180723 s4 mushtaq saima cervical cyst
Cervical Cyst
Twwhadssgkzxkggamras 180723 s5 mushtaq saima elongation of cervix
Elongation of Cervix

Lecture´s Description

Cervical Ectopy

In this lecture ´´Benign Lesions of Cervix´´ is explained. Section one is about ‘‘Cervical Ectopy’’. At first educator defines cervical ectopy. After that its etiology is discussed. Then pathogenesis is pursued. This is followed by clinical features. Moreover, signs are reported. Subsequently, differential diagnosis is carried out. Lastly, management is highlighted.

Eversion and Cervical Tear

Section two is about ‘’Eversion and Cervical Tear’’. Initially, eversion (ectropion) is elaborated. In the next few slides cervical tear is discussed.

Cervical Stenosis

Section three is about ‘’Cervical Stenosis’’. The first slide of this section is the elucidation of cervical stenosis. After that causes are reported. At last, information about treatment is revealed.

Cervical Cyst

Section four is about ‘’Cervical Cyst’’. In this section, educator basically delivers comprehensive information on various kinds of cysts. First of all, cervical cyst is explained. Next focus is nabothian cysts. This is followed by illustration of endometriotic cysts. After that mesonephric cysts are discussed. Finally, treatment is pursued.

Elongation of Cervix

Section five is about ‘’Elongation of Cervix’’. Educator sheds light on elongation of cervix. Then its causes are discussed. Afterwards its symptoms are reported. Lastly, treatment is focused.

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