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Benign Lesions of Ovary
Affeanm3r0iv0moeg70r 180723 s1 mushtaq saima ovarian enlargement
Ovarian Enlargement
Hw43tnntq72aoet4snyq 180723 s2 mushtaq saima benign ovarian neoplasm
Benign Ovarian Neoplasm
Curuqvairlqtprk43ehn 180723 s3 mushtaq saima investigations and diagnosis
Investigations and Diagnosis
8lv6b9o2sqg5k3xhyoxf 180723 s4 mushtaq saima clinical features and management
Clinical Features and Management
Ejjccgw1t9291k6rjoik 180723 s5 mushtaq saima borderline epithelial tumor
Borderline Epithelial Tumor

Lecture´s Description

Benign lesions of ovary are the main highlight of this medical video lecture. This V learning lecture is devoted towards the elucidation of ovarian enlargement along with the classification, investigations and differential diagnosis. Moreover, complications, clinical features alongside the management has been presented. Furthermore, borderline epithelial tumor and Parovarian cyst has been brought under consideration.

Ovarian Enlargement

Section one is about ‘‘Ovarian Enlargement’’. Educator tells that ovarian enlargement is both neoplastic and non-neoplastic. Then causes of non-neoplastic ovarian enlargement are reported. In the next slide, functional cyst features are highlighted. This is followed by follicular cysts. Moreover, management of follicular cysts is explained. Afterwards, corpus luteum cyst is elucidated. In the end lutein cysts are exhibited.

Benign Ovarian Neoplasm

Section two is about ‘’Benign Ovarian Neoplasm’’. In this section educator characterizes benign ovarian neoplasms. Then mucinous cyst adenoma is illustrated. This is followed by naked eye appearance. Subsequently, microscopic examination is conducted. Afterwards, serous cyst adenoma is presented. Alongside its naked eye appearance is also exhibited. Moreover, Brenner tumor and dermoid cyst are illustrated. Lastly, naked eye appearance is shown.

Investigations and Diagnosis

Section three is about ‘’Investigations and Diagnosis’’. Prime focus here is discussion of investigations through palpation, percussion, auscultation, and pelvic examination. Subsequently, special investigation and differential diagnosis are focused. Educator tells the complications of benign ovarian tumors. At last, torsion of pedicle is explained.

Clinical Features and Management

section four is about ‘’Clinical Features and Management’’. Educator’s first theme of elucidation is the difference between benign and malignant tumor. After that struma ovarii and strumal carcinoids are discussed. Then clinical features of benign tumors are pursued. Moreover, management of benign ovarian tumor is highlighted. In the end, guidelines for surgery in apparently benign tumor are given.

Borderline Epithelial Tumor

Section five is about ‘’Borderline Epithelial Tumor’’. In the beginning of this section Borderline Epithelial Tumors of Ovary are explained. Then its treatment is focused. Following this, Parovarian cyst is discussed. Removal of tumor is exhibited lastly.

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