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Data 2fimages 2fvxwmugrdqloxuqoxeojq 190216 s0 khan hina child homicide intro
Child Homicide
Data 2fimages 2fakngdqqos6v7zvyvetvq 190216 s1 khan hina stillbirth and live birth
Stillbirth and Live Birth
Data 2fimages 2f8hkhjazds8mkoj0rapi1 190216 s2 khan hina autopsy on suspicious death
Autopsy on Suspicious Death
Data 2fimages 2fa6ezp4spaizziybah7qg 190216 s3 khan hina types of injury
Types of Injury
Data 2fimages 2ftjqim8fntveka6vfmi9s 190216 s4 khan hina proof of separate existence
Proof of Separate Existence
Data 2fimages 2fzjpelfwssjsizac9jvws 190216 s5 khan hina histological appearances
Histological Appearances

Lecture´s Description

This medical video lecture elucidates about the child homicide. Primarily, still and live birth. Moreover, concealment of birth, autopsy on suspicious death along with the various types of injuries have been explicated. In addition to this, proof of separate existence, hydrostatic lung test and histological appearances have been comprehensively shed light upon.

Stillbirth and Live Birth

Initially, the incidence of child homicide and still birth has been shed light upon. Additionally, the functions of the pathologist in infanticide has been conversed about, in-detail. Moreover, live birth and separate existence has been elucidated. Conclusively, viability and concealment of birth has been highlighted.

Autopsy on Suspicious Death

Autopsy on suspicious death has been mentioned in this section. Primarily, autopsy on suspicious death of newborn along with the time of death has been explained. Moreover, the external examination of umbilical cord and placenta has been shed light upon. Towards the end, cord examination, importance of measurements and examination of abnormalities has been thoroughly elucidated.

Types of Injury

Amongst the various types of injuries, strangulation and smothering has been explicated in the beginning. Additionally, cutting and piercing along with various head injuries have been conversed about. The section has been summed up by delineating about drowning which is an unusual form of infanticide.

Proof of Separate Existence

Initially, infanticide by omission to offer proper care and proof of separate existence has been expansively explained. Subsequently, hydrostatic test performed on lungs and the condition of the lungs at stillbirth and of unrespired lungs has been highlighted. Moreover, inspection of respirated and minimally respired lungs has been conversed about.

Histological Appearances

Histological appearances along with the maturation of fetal lung have been elaborated at the commencement. Additionally, the maturation of fetal lung, histology of the sequestered parts and role of resuscitation has been talked about. Furthermore, breathing for specific time and estimation of maturity has been shed light upon. Certain specifications of singleton fetus and Haase rule-of-thumb along with the ossification centres have been broadly explicated.

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