Complications of Fracture

Surgery, Orthopaedic

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Complications of Fracture
Data 2fimages 2fq2kszkxiqr2mpwf8zxz3 190409 s1 haider hammad types of injuries
Types of Injuries
Data 2fimages 2fvrt3uh0wsuykegualkzw 190409 s2 haider hammad compartment syndrome
Compartment Syndrome
Data 2fimages 2fiffrge9zsag3qqnuodto 190409 s3 haider hammad delayed union non union and malunion
Delayed Union Non-union and Malunion
Data 2fimages 2fn9fdhhbsss9kcrdxxvzw 190409 s4 haider hammad late complications
Late Complications
Data 2fimages 2f2szifnkvtqsijxcbm4ku 190409 s5 haider hammad joint disorders
Joint Disorders

Lecture´s Description

The key element of this medical V learning lecture is complications of fracture. Starting from types of injuries, compartment syndrome, to delayed union, non-union and malunion, orthopaedic surgeon comprehensively elaborate all the possible complications. Moreover, avascular necrosis, growth disturbance, bed sores, and heterotopic ossification is also enlightened. Conclusively, joint disorders such as osteoarthritis and complex regional pain syndrome are also considered.

Types of Injuries

General complications of fracture involve blood loss, shock, fat embolism, and cardiorespiratory failure. After that, local complications of fracture are discussed. Among early complications, visceral injury is pursued along with its treatment. Next subject of discussion is nerve injury which is particularly common with fracture of the humeral shaft. Subsequently, indications for early exploration comes under consideration.

Compartment Syndrome

Primarily educator explains compartment syndrome which arises when there is increased pressure within one of osseofascial compartments due to severe ischaemia. Then classic features of ischaemia are highlighted. Following this, discussion on treatment is carried out. Some other early complications are also elaborated.

Delayed Union, Non-union and Malunion

One of the late complications is the delayed union which arises due to biological, biomechanical and also patient related factors deliberated in succession. Subsequently, Dr. Hammad Haider notifies about non-union complication. Malunion is presented later on. For treatment purpose, both conservative treatment and operative treatment are reported.

Late Complications

Initially, Dr. Hammad Haider talks about avascular necrosis. Head of femur, proximal part of the scaphoid, the lunate are the regions developing necrosis. After that growth disturbance is explained which causes damage to physis. Skin over sacrum and heels is prone to bed sores. Then heterotopic ossification is pursued which occurs after an injury. Alongside, comments are given on tendon lesions and nerve compression.

Joint Disorders

Joint instability is the first subject of discussion. Joint stiffness causes synovial adhesions and complex regional pain syndrome. This is followed by the elaboration of osteoarthritis through diagrammatic illustration. After that orthopaedic surgeon tells that complex regional pain syndrome is of two types i.e. type 1 and type 2. Their treatment modality is also conversed about.

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