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Complications of Suppurative Otitis Media

Overview and Classification
The following lecture is dedicated to the topic of Complications of Suppurative Otitis Media. In section once, the educator starts off with the explanation of Suppurative Otitis Media and then progresses towards the Factors Influencing Development of Complications and Pathways of Spread of Infection. The topics of Complications of Otitis Media and Classification of Otitis Media, including Intratemporal and Intracranial classifications, are also discussed. Moreover, the educator also sheds light on the Sequelae of Otitis Media.

Intratemporal Complications
Section two is about Intratemporal Complications of Otitis Media, where the educator gives an overview of this topic. After this, the Pathology of this disease is elucidated by mentioning the pathologic responses present and the topic of Clinical Features is also discussed, in which the educator talks about the signs and symptoms of this disease. In addition to this, the explanation of various techniques available for Investigation, Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Otitis Media is also carried out. Furthermore, the concept of Complications of Acute Mastoiditis is clarified, and the educator also discusses Abscesses in Relation to Mastoid Infection, where there is a mention of Postauricular abscess, Zygomatic Abscess, and Bezold Abscess. Under this topic, the descriptions of Meatal abscess, Behind the mastoid abscess, and Parapharyngeal abscess are also present. Moreover, an explanation of Masked (Latent) Mastoiditis and its Aetiology is also given, in addition to a brief description of the Clinical Features and Treatment.

Petrositis and Labyrinthitis
Section three focuses on Petrositis and Labyrinthitis. Firstly, the educator discusses Petrositis, its Clinical Features with a prime focus on Gradenigo syndrome, and its Management including diagnosis plus treatment. Besides this, there is also an explanation of Facial Paralysis in case of acute and chronic Otitis Media. After this, the educator moves towards the discussion of Labyrinthitis and mentions its Aetiology. The discussion then shifts towards Circumscribed Labyrinthitis and how its Management is done. In addition to this, the author elaborates on Diffuse Serous labyrinthitis, its Clinical Features, and Treatment. At the end of section 3, there is a brief explanation of Diffuse Suppurative Labyrinthitis and its treatment.

Intracranial Complications
Section four is about Intracranial Complications of Otitis Media. Here the educators prime focus is Extradural Abscess and the discussion of its Clinical Features and Treatment. The educator also elucidates the topic of Subdural Abscess, its Clinical Features and mentions the treatment option available for this complication. Apart from this, the educator comprehensively introduces Otogenic Brain Abscess and highlights its Pathology, Clinical Features, Investigations, and Treatment. At the end, Otitic Hydrocephalus is comprehensively discussed in addition to its signs, symptoms and treatment regimens.

Meningitis and Lateral Sinus Thrombophlebitis
Section five is about Meningitis and Lateral sinus Thrombophlebitis. The educator pursues the subject of Meningitis demonstrates its Clinical Features, Examination and Management. Apart from this, the educator brings the topic of Lateral Sinus Thrombophlebitis under consideration and sheds light on its Pathology, Clinical Features, and Investigations. Information is also given regarding the Complications and Treatment of Lateral Sinus Thrombophlebitis.

Mushtaq, Saima
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  • Location: Rawalpindi, Pakistan
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Ms. Saima Mushtaq did her MBBS in 1999 and USMLE in 2000. After that she joined Frontier Medical College in 2001 as Demonstrator in Anatomy department. Then from 2009-2013 she served in Everest College Sanjose California USA, where she taught Physiology and Pathology to Nursing students. In 2013 she joined Heald College Sanjos California USA as a lecturer of Pathology. 

In 2014 Dr. Saima joined Unitek College Fremont California and served for two years.

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