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Eofte41sikttojcefv3q 180827 s0 mushtaq saima congenital malformation intro
Congenital Malformation
Npd9zgjbtvwimubpxcq9 180827 s1 mushtaq saima developmental and vaginal abnormalities
Developmental and Vaginal Abnormalities
M3vp6txlrkah9z3mruvh 180827 s2 mushtaq saima vaginal maldevelopments
Vaginal Maldevelopments
Gynxxgvft3qdsbqet7i4 180827 s3 mushtaq saima associated and uterine abnormalities
Associated and Uterine Abnormalities
Ouumnkmqs56rxkv2sfuz 180827 s4 mushtaq saima fusion and fallopian tube anomalies
Fusion and Fallopian Tube Anomalies
Htp2gmqv65wpzwjnchzw 180827 s5 mushtaq saima other anomalies
Other Anomalies

Lecture´s Description

Developmental and Vaginal Abnormalities

In this lecture ´´Congenital Malformation´´ are explained. Section one is about ´´Developmental and Vaginal Abnormalities´´. At first, educator tells about congenital malformation. Then talks about perineal or vestibular anus. Following this, ectopic ureter is explained. After that discusses vaginal abnormalities. Likewise, hymen abnormality is elucidated. Lastly, clinical features are highlighted.

Vaginal Maldevelopments

Section two is about ‘’Vaginal Maldevelopments’’. In the beginning, vaginal maldevelopments are focused. After that pathology of Mullerian malformation is discussed. Then partial agenesis of upper vagina is explained. At last, complete agenesis is pursued.

Associated and Uterine Abnormalities

Section three is about ‘’Associated and Uterine Abnormalities’’. Educator begins by telling associated abnormalities. Then comprehensively talks about uterine anomalies.

Fusion and Fallopian Tube Anomalies

Section four is about ‘’Fusion and Fallopian Tube Anomalies’’. Initially, types of fusion anomalies are discussed. Then clinical features are presented. After that educator reveals information about treatment. In the end, abnormalities of fallopian tubes are highlighted.

Other Anomalies

Section five is about ‘’Other Anomalies’’. Earlier in this section educator discusses anomalies of ovaries. Then elaborates Wolffian remnant abnormalities along with parovarian cyst. At last, information is also delivered about other abnormalities.

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