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Crystal Deposition Disorders

This lecture is dedicated to the comprehensive discussion of Crystal Deposition Disorders. In section one of this lecture, the educator highlights the Definition of Gout and then gives a Historical Perspective of the topic. The Epidemiology of primary and secondary gout is then pursued followed by the elaboration on Risk Factors, Pathophysiology, and Clinical Feature. Apart from this, the educator also sheds light upon the procedures used for Investigations of this disease. Moreover, there is also a discussion on Chronic Gout and on how To Make a Definitive Diagnosis.

Management of Gout
Section two is about Management of gout and in this section the educator reports the History and Examination of gout along with its Differential Diagnosis. An overview regarding the topic Gout Vs Septic Arthritis is also provided. In addition to this, the Treatment of Acute Gout and Treatment of Chronic Gout are also elaborated upon. The educator then shifts the discussion towards Purine Metabolism and explains the Urate Lowering Therapy in maximum detail.

Calcium Pyrophosphate Crystal Associated Arthropathy
In section three, the information regarding the topic Calcium Pyrophosphate Crystal Associated Arthropathy (CPPD) is set forth in detail. The educator begins with explaining Pathology of this disease and describes the process of Cartilage Calcification. After this, the educator pursues to shed light on Acute CPP Arthritis (‘Pseudogout’) and further elaborates on this subject by discussing Acute Gout Vs Acute Pseudogout. The topic is continued and treatment options for Acute CPP Arthritis (‘Pseudogout’) are discussed followed by a comprehensive overview of Osteoarthritis with CPPD.

Basic Calcium Phosphate Crystal Deposition Disease
Section four is about Basic Calcium Phosphate Crystal Deposition Disease. The educator puts forward a detailed explanation of this topic and discusses the Pathology of this disease in addition to a demonstration of BCP Deposition and Calcification. A common disorder Acute Periarthritis with BCP is elucidated followed by Treatment of Acute Periarthritis, after which the educator shifts the focus on Chronic Periarthritis.

Psoriatic Arthritis
In section five, the topic under consideration is Psoriatic Arthritis and the educator begins by mentioning its General Characteristics along with the Pathology of this disease. Furthermore, the Clinical Features of this disease are explained, followed by Investigation, Differential Diagnosis, Treatment options available for this disease.

Haider, Hammad
  • Academics: MBBS
  • Specialization: Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Current: Resident Orthop. Surgeon
  • Hospital: Benazir Bhutto
  • Location: Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  • Clinical / Teaching Years: 5 / 1
  • Course: Anatomy

Hammad Haider joined Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences as House Officer after completion of MBBS in 2011.

In July 2013, he joined Holy Family Hospital as resident General Surgeon.

Since 2015 he has been part of Benazir Bhutto hospital as Resident Orthopaedic Surgeon, where he is handling complexed surgical cases pertaining to musculoskeletal diseases. Moreover, he is involved in multiple presentations and workshops in collaboration with Rawalpindi Medical College

Dr. Hammad Haider has been awarded "Resident of Term Award" twice.

23 lectures