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Xqmlcmoosnk2mlkfkd7n 180724 s0 osama muhammad data handling intro
Data Handling
W4waxz4iqvqr36tca1rw 180724 s1 osama muhammad data entry
Data Entry
Wc0gsr9urmi8dlvd0pb4 180724 s2 osama muhammad names labels and merging data
Names, Labels and Merging Data
Wqbhajxeqyg2xs9f7oas 180724 s3 osama muhammad data entry checks
Data Entry Checks
Vxc8kkc2quixts9lg7yz 180724 s4 osama muhammad formal data monitoring
Formal Data Monitoring
Pxx1v6zdsousi0hh1jr5 180724 s5 osama muhammad statistical issues in data monitoring
Statistical Issues in Data Monitoring

Lecture´s Description

Data Entry

In this lecture ´´Data Handling´´ is explained. Section one is about ‘‘Data Entry’’. Educator gives the instructions of data entry. After that automatic scanning for data entry is proceeded. Then advantages for automated scanning data entry are reported. This is followed by disadvantages for automated scanning data entry.

Names, Labels and Merging Data

Section two is about ‘’Names, Labels and Merging Data’’. Educator discusses that what type of variable names should be used for data handling. Next information is delivered on variable labels. This is followed by value labels. Afterwards, educator tells that how joining data sets is accomplished. Then appending and merging are explained respectively.  Moreover, storing and transporting data -paper forms is elaborated. Finally, storing and transporting data - electronic files is highlighted.

Data Entry Checks

Section three is about ‘’Data Entry Checks’’. In the beginning of this section, data entry checks are discussed in detail. After that checking data using the frequency distribution is pursued. Next focus is on checking for consistency. This is followed by checking using a histogram. Lastly, information is conveyed on checking using a scatter plot.

Formal Data Monitoring

Section four is about ‘’Formal Data Monitoring’’. At first, randomized clinical trials are discussed. Then, functions of the DMC are reported. Moving onward, constitution of the DMC comes under consideration. Subsequently, discussion continues on meetings of the DMC. Afterwards, DMC charter is focused. Concluding this section, data quality issues are reported. Lastly, educator discourses statistical analysis plan.

Statistical Issues in Data Monitoring

Section five is about ‘’Statistical Issues in Data Monitoring’’. Initially, information is delivered on early stopping. Then stopping rules are discussed. Additionally, consequences of early stopping are reported. At last, sample size is pursued.

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