Deaths Associated with Pregnancy

Medicine, Forensic

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Deaths Associated with Pregnancy
Data 2fimages 2fivutpkwrrmippb0yhu4j 190119 s1 khan hina maternal deaths
Maternal Deaths
Data 2fimages 2fpqspuprcsjwlgmp0rskh 190119 s2 khan hina legal abortion
Legal Abortion
Data 2fimages 2fypyxhqnlqq6lq9vvrlyv 190119 s3 khan hina illegal abortion
Illegal Abortion
Data 2fimages 2f9ttdxcertmauir6e7f7e 190119 s4 khan hina autopsy findings
Autopsy Findings
Data 2fimages 2fpkcwkxx4snkzlpt8fnko 190119 s5 khan hina amniotic fluid embolism
Amniotic Fluid Embolism

Lecture´s Description

Maternal death is a death of women while pregnant or within 42 days of the end of the pregnancy. The methods for induced abortion vary depending on the gestational age. Early medical methods for abortion comprised various compounds such as hypertonic saline, urea and naturally occurring prostaglandins.  The risks of death from illegal abortion vary according to the skill, experience and facilities of the abortionist.

Syringe aspiration is safe as long as aseptic methods are used. If evacuation is incomplete, products of conception may be left behind. When a criminal abortion is suspected, a careful external examination must be carried out, noting especially abnormal colouration of the skin, signs of injury. Some deaths associated with childbirth or pregnancy are caused by the entry of amniotic fluid into the maternal circulation.

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