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Data 2fimages 2fwdhegiajthgp2mpd5ekn 181126 s0 rehman sannan development of ear intro
Development of Ear
Data 2fimages 2fssxr2nywszk1spcvqx2i 181126 s1 rehman sannan external ear
External Ear
Data 2fimages 2fnhhcfauosccrztlqqwrf 181126 s2 rehman sannan tympanic membrane
Tympanic Membrane
Data 2fimages 2ff7rbb7nmryo1wyaj2zqm 181126 s3 rehman sannan middle ear
Middle Ear
Data 2fimages 2fzabs1aflso6ich008mww 181126 s4 rehman sannan internal ear
Inner Ear
Data 2fimages 2fmrvjy43nrjshowzxsjqz 181126 s5 rehman sannan modifications of cells
Modifications of Cells

Lecture´s Description

External Ear

The focal point of this lecture is the Development of Ear. Section one elucidates about the External Ear. First and foremost, an Overview has been put forward. Next in line, External Ear-External Auditory Meatus has been shed light on. In the end, the educator has summed up by mentioning about the External Ear- Auricle or Pinna.

Tympanic Membrane

The prime objective of section two is to talk about the Tympanic Membrane. In the beginning, the educator has conversed about the Tympanic Membrane, in-depth. Following this, Clinical Correlation has been deliberated. Under clinical correlation, Anotia and Preauricular Appendages and Pits have been brought into contemplation. In the end, the section concluded by a reference to a condition termed as Atresia of the External Auditory Meatus.

Middle Ear

Section three aims at the apprehension of the Middle Ear. The section started off by putting forth an Overview. This is succeeded by a conversation on the Development of Ear Ossicles. Furthermore, Mastoid Antrum along with the Muscles of Middle Ear have been brought into reflection. Conclusively, Pharyngotympanic Tube also called the Eustachian tube has been made known.

Inner Ear

Section four accentuates on the Internal Ear. At the start, Internal Ear has been reported comprehensively. Subsequently, the Components of Otic Vesicle have been presented. Ultimately, this section clinched when the educator brought Saccule, Cochlear Duct and Organ of Corti under deliberation.

Modifications of Cells

The chief purpose of section five is to expound about the Modifications of Cells. In the beginning, Modification of Ridge Cells has been explicated. Alongside this, Hair Cells and the development of Utricle and Semi-circular Canals has been debated over. In the end, the educator has wrapped up by alluding to the Derivatives of Various Components of the Ear.

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