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Data 2fimages 2fejgmtas02jp7ftxiivjw 190402 s0 mushtaq saima disorders of oesophagus intro
Disorders of Oesophagus
Data 2fimages 2ftizdsjvbts2wdotdpzcy 190402 s1 mushtaq saima acute oesophagitis
Acute Oesophagitis
Data 2fimages 2fye6qklqwsqixqtfcan0e 190402 s2 mushtaq saima oesophageal burns
Oesophageal Burns
Data 2fimages 2fbilr1g0nrjagce26vaja 190402 s3 mushtaq saima strictures of oesophagus
Strictures of Oesophagus
Data 2fimages 2fwhrnt0uqqmbuhfcmkiiz 190402 s4 mushtaq saima hiatus hernia
Hiatus Hernia
Data 2fimages 2fbyfd8k5usza0q0krcpng 190402 s5 mushtaq saima plummer e2 80 93vinson syndrome
Plummer–Vinson Syndrome

Lecture´s Description

This medical lecture provides a detail comprehension of the disorders of oesophagus. All the major clinical disorders pertaining to oesophagus have been elaborated in order. Initially, acute oesophagitis and oesophageal burns (corrosive) have been discussed. Following this, benign strictures, hiatus hernia, Plummer-Vinson syndrome along with globus pharyngeus has been highlighted.

Acute Oesophagitis

In the beginning of this section, acute oesophagitis has been defined. Following this, certain complaints along with the perforation of oesophagus like instrumental trauma and spontaneous rupture has been brought under discussion. Additionally, its diagnosis, thoracic oesophageal rupture, chest X ray and treatment has been explained.

Oesophageal Burns

The major focus of this section is on the oesophageal burns. Firstly, corrosive burns have been explicated. Subsequently, our educator has mentioned their pathology, stages of burns and evaluation of the patients. Furthermore, a range of management strategies which can be employed to prevent the condition from aggravating have also been highlighted.

Strictures of Oesophagus

Initially, the benign strictures of oesophagus and their common causes have been thoroughly explained. In addition to this, clinical features, diagnosis along with the treatment has been comprehensively elaborated. Amongst the treatment options, gastrostomy and surgery has been delineated.

Hiatus Hernia

The clinical condition which has been explicated in this section is the hiatus hernia. After having defined this medical term, our educator has shed light upon its various types which include sliding and paraesophageal. Moreover, treatment has been highlighted.

Plummer–Vinson Syndrome

Primarily, classical features of Plummer-Vinson syndrome have been mentioned. In addition to this, its diagnosis, barium swallow and predisposition to certain carcinomas has been considered. Conclusively, its treatment to correct anaemia and dilatation along with another medical condition termed as globus (hystericus) pharyngeus has been elaborated.

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