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Data 2fimages 2fug6u6pasc6dqshdjsw3y 190117 s0 mushtaq saima disorders of oral cavity intro
Disorders of Oral Cavity
Data 2fimages 2fxidtekesb2drent06hop 190117 s1 mushtaq saima anatomy and lymphatic drainage
Anatomy and Lymphatic Drainage
Data 2fimages 2fzhzund7hrczlzvfed4cw 190117 s2 mushtaq saima ulcers of oral cavity
Ulcers of Oral Cavity
Data 2fimages 2fec2vktsaegj56yoh3ncq 190117 s3 mushtaq saima skin and blood disorders
Skin and Blood Disorders
Data 2fimages 2fdnmzw35sjuebbc3zhwst 190117 s4 mushtaq saima immune disorders and drug allergy
Immune Disorders and Drug Allergy
Data 2fimages 2fyj1nfioureao4iblgn4e 190117 s5 mushtaq saima lesions

Lecture´s Description

The oral cavity extends from the lips to the oropharyngeal isthmus. Ulcers of oral cavity can be caused due to viral, bacterial, or fungal infection. Herpangina have a yellow base and red areola around them. Vincent infection spreads to free margins of the gingivae which get covered with necrotic slough. 

In erythema multiforme, oral mucosal lesions rupture to form ulcers covered with pseudo membrane. Blood dyscrasias cause ulcerations in the oral cavity and pharynx. Systemic administration of drugs like penicillin, tetracycline, sulfa drugs etc may cause erosive, vesicular or bullous lesions in the oral cavity.

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