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Drug Receptors
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Introduction to Receptors
Bnwgw6erzclku49wlbqs 180816 s2 usman muhammad intracellular receptors
Intracellular Receptors
Ey7ms2nptyu80b1q7eg8 180816 s3 usman muhammad ion channel receptors
Ion Channel Receptors
Wu4pbmosls15ok4g7epg 180816 s4 usman muhammad enzyme linked receptors
Enzyme Linked Receptors
8dbehu6btpqgv8ayapsg 180816 s5 usman muhammad g protein coupled receptors
G Protein Coupled Receptors

Lecture´s Description

The major focus of this pharmacology medical video lecture is on the drug receptors. From talking about drug receptor interaction, agonists and antagonists to a discussion on intracellular and ion channel receptors, everything has been elaborated. Moreover, various enzyme linked receptors, their mechanisms along with the G protein coupled receptors and second messengers have been explicated.

Introduction to Receptors 

In this lecture, drug receptors are explained. Section one is about introduction to receptors. Educators firstly shed light upon the receptors. Furthermore, drug receptor interaction has been comprehensively explained. Then agonist vs antagonist is elaborated.

Intracellular Receptors

Section two is about intracellular receptors. At first, educator gives information about intracellular receptors. Then molecular mechanism of glucocorticoid action is discussed. Lastly, therapeutic consequences of intracellular receptors are focused.

Ion Channel Receptors

Section three is about ion channel receptors. Educator begins by elucidating transmembrane ligand-gated ion channels. After that its mechanism is explained. Then effects due to change in ion concentration are reported. At last, excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmission is discussed.

Enzyme Linked Receptors

Section four is about enzyme linked receptors. This section focuses on enzyme linked receptors and their response. Educator clarify the concept by giving examples. Moreover, their mechanism is discussed.

G Protein Coupled Receptors

Section five is about g protein coupled receptors. Earlier in this section G protein coupled receptors are focused along with the elucidation of their structure and examples. After that mechanism is elaborated. Lastly, information about second messengers is given.

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