Fatal Pressure on the Neck

Medicine, Forensic

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Fatal Pressure on the Neck
Data 2fimages 2ftlszdi5wqrmccvzktorl 190212 s1 khan hina asphyxial deaths
Asphyxial Deaths
Data 2fimages 2fla269jcrigvopjlsasna 190212 s2 khan hina manual strangulation
Manual Strangulation
Data 2fimages 2fbjxtjsgftkc3pucvm8ev 190212 s3 khan hina damage to the larynx
Damage to the Larynx
Data 2fimages 2fufr5htgpqiiilzkad8ic 190212 s4 khan hina fatal strangulation by ligature
Strangulation by Ligature
Data 2fimages 2flwkujzcthmm7jkokgjnw 190212 s5 khan hina hanging

Lecture´s Description

This sqadia.com video lecture sheds light upon the fatal pressure applied to the neck. It covers all the aspects from asphyxial deaths to the various modes of death. These can be manual or ligature strangulation which are responsible for severe damage to the larynx. In addition to this, types of hangings, hanging mark and features at autopsy have also been deliberated upon.

Asphyxial deaths

An overview of asphyxial deaths has primarily been explained. Moreover, mechanism of death along with a range of factors has been discussed. Moreover, its medico-legal aspects alongside the mechanism of injury and duration of nerve compression has been expounded. In the end, causes of reflex cardiac arrest and blows to the throat have been highlighted.

Manual Strangulation

Firstly, autopsy appearances in manual strangulation has been shed light upon. Subsequently, bruising and abrasions have been conversed about. In addition to this, autopsy appearances and internal appearances have been delineated. Moreover, multislice spiral computed tomography along with MRI and neck radiography has been mentioned.

Damage to the Larynx

Initially, spurious bleeding due to haematomas, bilateral pressure application and displacement of the horns has been explained. Moreover, injury to larynx and the significance of laryngeal fractures has been highlighted, at autopsy. Following this, proof of ante-mortem fractures along with the certain other laryngeal injuries has been explicated. Conclusively, damage in strangulation and damage caused to the carotid arteries has been shed light upon.

Strangulation by Ligature

Strangulation by ligature is the key objective of this section. Furthermore, ligature mark and its position along with signs of local injury has been discussed. In addition to this, mode of death in ligature strangulation, arm-locks and mugging has been comprehensively elucidated.


Amongst hanging, mainly judicial hanging has been delineated.  Other types like suicidal and accidental hangings have been discussed later. Hanging mark, autopsy appearances alongside the mechanism of hanging has been mentioned about. In the end, the educator has summed up by shedding light upon another type of hanging viz accidental and homicidal hanging. Moreover, the features have also been elaborated.

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