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Data 2fimages 2feabkmldzsygin5tjhjkw 181207 s0 khan hina forensic atopsy intro
Forensic Autopsy
Data 2fimages 2flj0y4nmgq1seo1o3cisw 181207 s1 khan hina overview
Data 2fimages 2fzbhqxmwzqzqaxkbbnuwb 181207 s2 khan hina objectives and risks
Objectives and Risks
Data 2fimages 2fx72innms964aqoa7lzuq 181207 s3 khan hina procedure
Data 2fimages 2fixzzsfy7thcu7qozmww5 181207 s4 khan hina general external examination
General External Examination
Data 2fimages 2fumr5ovecsam3k52kfxxl 181207 s5 khan hina external examination of body parts
External Examination of Body Parts

Lecture´s Description

The lecture under debate is Forensic Autopsy. Firstly, educator talks about types of autopsy. After that, risk of infection while performing autopsy is discussed. Next, educator tells that how examination of the scene of death is carried out and what are the equipment used for investigations. Carrying on with the discussion, focus of listeners is shifted towards the assessment of various general aspects such as checking the age, sex, skin appearance, and recent injuries. Educator concludes this lecture by giving information about observing body parts in particular eye examination, mouth examination.

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