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Gighad6wrjciavfnxyrt 180820 s0 mushtaq saima genital tract injuries intro
Genital Tract Injuries
E1d0zpbzqfkrhl9gtdn6 180820 s1 mushtaq saima old complete perineal tear cpt
Major Peripheral Disorders
Fsn3sptaqc6q41fmhcdk 180820 s2 mushtaq saima management of complete perineal tear
Management of Complete Perineal Tear
835hl3cbtsyywsmhcqjt 180820 s3 mushtaq saima coital injuries
Coital Injuries
8f6whgzmr9ifjrz8qywi 180820 s4 mushtaq saima direct trauma and foreign bodies
Direct Trauma and Foreign Bodies
Ipzown9t5adzk9ua22ew 180820 s5 mushtaq saima instrumental injuries
Instrumental Injuries

Lecture´s Description

Major Peripheral Disorders

In this lecture ´´Genital Tract Injuries´´ are explained. Section one is about ´´Old Complete Perineal Tear (CPT)´´. At first educator tells about genital tract injuries. After that old complete perineal tear (CPT) is discussed. Then its etiology is considered. Likewise, symptoms and signs are reported at the end of this section.

Management of Complete Perineal Tear

Section two is about ‘’Management of Complete Perineal Tear’’. Initially, information about both preventive and operative treatment is revealed. After that principles of surgery are highlighted. Then special postoperative care is discussed. Furthermore, advice on discharge is given. In the end, educator talks about complications of repair operations.

Coital Injuries

Section three is about ‘’Coital Injuries’’. In the beginning, coital injuries are discussed. Then rape victims are focused. After that forensic considerations are pursued. Its management is also explained in this section. Lastly, local injuries are elaborated.

Direct Trauma and Foreign Bodies

Section four is about ‘’Direct Trauma and Foreign Bodies’’. Educator's first theme of discussion is direct trauma. Alongside, its management is explained. Then foreign bodies are elaborated. Furthermore, their effects and management is pursued.

Instrumental Injuries

Section five is about ‘’Instrumental Injuries’’. Earlier in this section, educator gives information about instrumental injuries. Then sheds light on dangers associated with instrumental injuries. After that its management is discussed. Lastly, information is revealed about non-infective/non-malignant instrumental injuries.

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