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Hearing Loss
Jhrtzzdxqjkbpeftjj2f 180813 s1 mushtaq saima conductive hearing loss
Conductive Hearing Loss
21kcpcxktsa0vjxudarc 180813 s2 mushtaq saima sensorineural hearing loss
Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Wncdlik9sionte1g5mw9 180813 s3 mushtaq saima ototoxicity and noise trauma
Ototoxicity and Noise Trauma
G4tcciqbmit9ik4fyrra 180813 s4 mushtaq saima specific forms of hearing loss
Specific Forms of Hearing Loss
Ciipsozsrwmm4uw6fav2 180813 s5 mushtaq saima nonorganic hearing loss
Nonorganic Hearing Loss

Lecture´s Description

Conductive Hearing Loss 

In this lecture ´´Hearing Loss´´ is explained. Section one is about ´´Conductive Hearing Loss´´. Educator first gives the classification of hearing loss. After that conductive hearing loss and its management is discussed. Then its aetiology is pursued. Furthermore, elucidation of hearing loss in different lesions of conductive apparatus is given. Educator also talks about management. Next focus is tympanoplasty. Then types of tympanoplasty are discussed. Moving onward, myringoplasty is elaborated. Afterwards, ossicular reconstruction comes under consideration. In the ned, types of prosthesis are highlighted.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Section two is about ‘’Sensorineural Hearing Loss’’. Initially, sensorineural hearing loss and its management is pursued. Then its aetiology is discussed. Following this, diagnosis is carried out. At last management is focused.

Ototoxicity and Noise Trauma

Section three is about ‘’Ototoxicity and Noise Trauma’’. Educator's first theme of comprehensive discussion is ototoxicity. Then noise trauma is explained. This is followed noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Lastly, information is given about nonauditory effects of noise.

Specific Forms of Hearing Loss

Section four is about ‘’Specific Forms of Hearing Loss’’. In the beginning of this section inflammations of labyrinth are highlighted. After that syphilitic inflammations of labyrinth are discussed. Then familial progressive sensorineural hearing loss is elaborated. Following this, elucidation of autoimmune inner ear disease is given. Subsequently, sudden hearing loss is focused. Lastly, presbycusis is pursued.

Nonorganic Hearing Loss

Section five is about ‘’Nonorganic Hearing Loss’’. At first, educator gives an overview of nonorganic hearing loss (NOHL). After that social and legal aspects of hearing loss are reported. Then degree of hearing loss (WHO classification) is explained. Furthermore, impairment, disability and handicap is focused. Alongside degree of handicap is pursued. Finally, unilateral hearing loss is discussed.

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