Introduction to the Nervous system


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Introduction to the Nervous System
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Cells of the Nervous System
Hzs6pzt1twgu52undvlw 180508 s2 osama muhammad central nervous system
The Central Nervous System
Aegmw4rq4cz0yuzz9tcf 180508 s3 osama muhammad central nervous system brain
The Central Nervous System (Brain)
Stevcaf5shqmjzjevgty 180508 s4 osama muhammad central nervous system spinal cord
The Central Nervous System (Spinal Cord)
Shamjsqgmbayvvmqrrsq 180508 s5 osama muhammad peripheral nervous system
The Peripheral Nervous System

Lecture´s Description

If you want to gain an insight into the basics of the nervous system, here is the medical video just for you. This V learning lecture of ours highlights the introduction to nervous system. Our medical specialist, Dr Muhammad Osama has explicated about the cells of nervous system and their classification in conjunction with the meninges, grey and white matter. Additionally, hindbrain, midbrain, forebrain together with the somatic and autonomic nervous system has been discussed in-detail.

Cells of the Nervous System

Amongst the cells of the nervous system, neurons and classification of neuron has been presented. Following this, Golgi type I and type II neurons have been discussed. Moving ahead, the various types have been diagrammatically illustrated. In the end, neuroglial cells and their types are interpreted.

The Central Nervous System

Firstly, an overview of the central nervous system has been put forth. Moreover, meninges of central nervous system, grey and white matter has also been shed light on. In addition to this, major divisions of central nervous system, and the divisions of brain termed as the hindbrain, midbrain and forebrain has been elaborated.

The Central Nervous System (Brain)

The components of brain have been highlighted in this section. Medulla oblongata, pons, cerebellum along with the midbrain has been mentioned under separated heads. In addition to this, diencephalon alongside the cerebrum has been explicated.

The Central Nervous System (Spinal Cord)

The other main component of central nervous system is the spinal cord. First and foremost, spinal cord has been illustrated followed by a discussion on the relationship between spinal cord segments with corresponding segments. Moreover, cross sections, ascending and descending tracts of spinal cord have been deliberated.

The Peripheral Nervous System

At the onset of this section, peripheral nervous system has been mentioned in-detail. Furthermore, dermatomes, myotomes alongside the somatic nervous system has been expounded. Subsequently, basic functional organization of spinal nerves and autonomic nervous system has been explained.

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