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Knee Joint
Data 2fimages 2fqmjeezxsgmceas6wigh2 180928 s1 osama muhammad bones
Data 2fimages 2f7zfyax9sraysidz1khow 180928 s2 osama muhammad structure and function
Structure and Function
Data 2fimages 2fibqvc4moqom8z6nno365 180928 s3 osama muhammad muscle action blood and nerve supply
Muscle Action, Blood and Nerve Supply
Data 2fimages 2f9gcfmyxzsa2hmdjn45c3 180928 s4 osama muhammad ligaments
Data 2fimages 2fsvzwheermysrupwgplma 180928 s5 osama muhammad menisci and bursae
Menisci and Bursae

Lecture´s Description

The chief concept which has been deliberated in this V learning medical lecture is the knee joint. Initially, various bones, structure and function of knee joint has been explicated. Furthermore, muscle action, blood and nerve supply alongside various ligaments have been mentioned. This is not it. Our medical specialist, Dr Muhammad Osama has also highlighted about menisci and bursae.


In this lecture ´´ Knee Joint ´´ is explained. Section one is about ´´ Bones´´. In the beginning, the educator talks about bones and landmarks of knee joints. After that, femur and tibia are explained. Moving on, fibula, patella and calcaneus are also discussed.

Structure and Function

Section two is about “Structure and Function”. Initially, the structure of knee joint is demonstrated. Then, movements at knee joints are explained. After that, arthrokinematics of knee joint are elucidated in detail. Screw home mechanics and knee locking is also explained in this section. Moving on, the patellofemoral joint is comprehensively discussed. In the end, the educator focuses on increasing the MA of Quadriceps.

Muscle Action, Blood and Nerve Supply

Section three is about Muscle Action, Blood and Nerve Supply“. Firstly, nerve supply of the knee joint is explained. After that, the Q Angle is made a part of the discussion. Lastly, muscle acting at the knee joint are reported.


Section four is about ‘’ Ligaments’’. In the start, ligaments of knee joints and are discussed. Moving forward, crucicate ligaments along with anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments are brought under discussion. After that, the educator gives an overview on medial and lateral collateral ligament.

Menisci and Bursae

Section five is about “Menisci and Bursae’’. In the beginning of this section, bursae of knee Joints are highlighted. The educator also focuses on the bursae located anteriorly and posteriorly. Ending this lecture, bursae located medially and laterally are comprehensively discussed.

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