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Data 2fimages 2fpaevz3oqtj2kl4xuvzwn 181003 s0 osama muhammad knee region intro
Knee Region
Data 2fimages 2fuptgcrd3qtkyrzjtgqev 181003 s1 osama muhammad bones and joints
Bones and Joints
Data 2fimages 2f7jkyyvu8rqyexmvcd8xz 181003 s2 osama muhammad muscles on anterior aspect
Muscles on Anterior Aspect
Data 2fimages 2fmjhgadtsngqgxjlrjo8r 181003 s3 osama muhammad muscles on posterior aspect
Muscles on Posterior Aspect
Data 2fimages 2fmb6bmf38r1iry5kdpbu8 181003 s4 osama muhammad popliteal fossa
Popliteal Fossa
Data 2fimages 2fzp4ny3xt0e9eqhw7zqcg 181003 s5 osama muhammad pes anserine and connective tissues
Pes Anserine and Connective Tissues

Lecture´s Description

Knee region is the core highlight of this medical video lecture. From conversing about the bones and joints to a comprehension and discussion on muscles of both the anterior and posterior aspect, every detail has been shed light on. Moreover, popliteal fossa in conjunction with the pes anserine and connective tissue has been deliberated.

Bones and Joints

In section one, the explanation of bones and joints of knee region is the prime focus. The educator starts off with the elucidation of bony landmarks in the knee region, followed by a detailed demonstration of distal aspect of femur, proximal aspect of tibia, and proximal aspect of fibula. To further elaborate on the topic, the educator also clarifies the concept of patella, knee joint, and the patellofemoral joint.

Muscles on Anterior Aspect

In section two, the concept of muscles on anterior aspect is explained. After comprehensively introducing the topic of muscles acting at the knee joint, the educator describes the muscles on the anterior aspect of the knee and gives a summary of muscle action at knee. Moving forward, the educator demonstrates all muscles acting at the knee joint of anterior aspect separately and explains innervation of the muscles at the anterior aspect of knee joint.

Muscles on Posterior Aspect

Section three is about the muscles on posterior aspect of knee region. The educator begins by providing a brief overview of muscles acting at the knee joint and summary of muscle action at knee. After this, a detailed demonstration of all muscles acting at the knee joint on posterior aspect is provided separately followed by a description of innervation of the muscles.

Popliteal Fossa

Section four is regarding the Popliteal Fossa. In the start, a comprehensive overview of popliteal space is presented. Following this, the educator provides a detailed demonstration and explanation of boundaries of the popliteal space, roof of the popliteal space, and floor of the popliteal space to further clarify the topic. The educator then concludes this topic by highlighting the contents of the popliteal space.

Pes Anserine and Connective Tissues

The prime focus of section five is the pes anserine and connective tissues of knee region. The educator clarifies the concept of pes anserine group of muscles which includes the explanation of all the muscles included in this category. Subsequently, the educator speaks elaborately about pes anserine bursitis, ligaments and menisci. More information is presented regarding bursae at the end of this section as the educator addresses bursae located anteriorly, bursae located posteriorly, and bursae located medially and laterally.

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