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Data 2fimages 2fyceqrbelqzgqvv6sk2xa 181015 s0 rehman sannan muscular system intro
Muscular System
Data 2fimages 2fjkabajettbmi8tgsbp46 181015 s1 rehman sannan skeletal muscles
Skeletal Muscles
Data 2fimages 2fcy1nismnqw2e4qfrlevx 181015 s2 rehman sannan molecular regulation of muscle development
Molecular Regulation of Muscle Development
Data 2fimages 2felatvbrjszmthr4ytkay 181015 s3 rehman sannan muscle regions head and limb
Muscle Regions: Head and Limb
Data 2fimages 2fa78n5ikyquaow6gyhnca 181015 s4 rehman sannan other muscle regions
Other Muscle Regions
Data 2fimages 2fnqstkdzosekxrd9xxhdy 181015 s5 rehman sannan clinical correlates
Clinical Correlates

Lecture´s Description

Skeletal Muscles

This lecture accommodates a thorough elucidation of Muscular System. Section one of this lecture primarily focuses on Skeletal Muscles. The educator begins by giving an Introduction of Skeletal Muscles. After this, the Origin and Development of Skeletal Muscles is highlighted followed by an explanation of Innervation of Skeletal Muscles.

Molecular Regulation of Muscle Development

Section two is about Molecular Regulation of Muscle Development. The educator extensively demonstrates Muscle Origins. Moving forward, light is shed on Genes involved in Molecular Regulation of Muscle Development. Afterwards, Patterning of Muscles is discussed.

Muscle Regions: Head and Limb

Section three refers to the topic of Head and Limb Muscle Regions. In this section, the educator speaks extensively about Head Musculature. In addition to this, light is shed on Limb Musculature in detail.

Other Muscle Regions

Section four is regarding Other Muscle Regions. In this section, the educator thoroughly demonstrates Cardiac Muscles and Smooth Muscles.

Clinical Correlates

In section five, the educator speaks about Clinical Correlates. The educator elaborates on this matter by explaining various disorders of Muscular System such as Poland Sequence, Prune Belly Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy and Arthrogryposis (Congenital Joint Contractures).

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