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Operative Delivery
Data 2fimages 2fnrx4izlqqfuozvyf7ana 181218 s1 mushtaq saima perineal repair
Perineal Repair
Data 2fimages 2fmhkrr7gq2wisxqnnyph1 181218 s2 mushtaq saima operative vaginal delivery
Operative Vaginal Delivery
Data 2fimages 2fxmsnevlsxm79wozlqjye 181218 s3 mushtaq saima procedure of vaginal delivery
Procedure of Vaginal Delivery
Data 2fimages 2fcghhxnisvkrfhjzzd2wy 181218 s4 mushtaq saima caesarean section
Caesarean Section

Lecture´s Description

Operative Delivery is the predominant concept which has been thoroughly described in this medical video lecture. Our medical specialist, Dr Saima Mushtaq has provided a detailed comprehension of perineal repair, surgical technique along with episiotomy. Subsequently, operative vaginal delivery and its procedure alongside indications and contraindications have been deliberated. Furthermore, caesarean section has been explicated in-detail.

Perineal Repair

Section one highlights the perineal repair. Firstly, classification and the surgical technique has been brought under consideration. In addition to this, obstetric anal sphincter injuries repair has been explained. Moreover, episiotomy and surgical technique has been presented. In the end, complications have been reported.

Operative Vaginal Delivery

Operative vaginal delivery is the prime topic of discussion in this section. Initially, indications and safety measures have been brought under discussion. Following this, contraindications and the choice of instrument has been elaborated. Conclusively, place of delivery has been conversed about.

Procedure of Vaginal Delivery

This section talks about the procedure of vaginal delivery. In the beginning of this section, procedure along with the instrument types and special considerations have been considered. Then this section has been summed up by a mention of both maternal and fetal complications.

Caesarean Section

At the onset of this section, caesarean section in conjunction with its classification and indications have been deliberated. Furthermore, procedure along with the abdominal and uterine incision has been delineated. Additionally, closure, complications alongside clinical risk management has been elucidated

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