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General Aspects of Osteoarthritis
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Data 2fimages 2fnmo2kep2qqa1pzuq37nq 181003 s3 haidar hammad common or garden osteoarthritis
Common or Garden Osteoarthritis
Data 2fimages 2fegpgwyar4cj8drgeokhc 181003 s4 haidar hammad management and differentials
Management and Differentials
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Lecture´s Description

General Aspects of Osteoarthritis

The following lecture is devoted to the explanation of Osteoarthritis. In section one, the prime focus of educator is General Aspects of Osteoarthritis. The lecture begins with the educator giving a comprehensive introduction of General Classification of Osteoarthritis. Following this, a thorough elucidation of Osteoarthritis Knee is provided along with its demonstration.


Section two is about Joints of human body. The educator addresses the topic of General Aspects of Joints and subsequently shifts the discussion towards an explanation of various joints like Fibrous joint, Cartilaginous Joints, Fibro Cartilaginous Joints and Synovial Joints. The educator then highlights the topic of Joint Failure and speaks about various joint conditions such as Joint Failure: Enthesis and Failure of Hyaline Cartilage.

Common or Garden Osteoarthritis

The prime focus of educator in section three is Common or Garden Osteoarthritis. In order to elaborate further on this topic, the educator speaks about Common Sites where this disorder occurs plus the Epidemiology, Risk Factors, and Pathological Features of this disease. Furthermore, Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis is discussed in addition to its Pathology. Moreover, the educator brings under consideration Grading of Changes in Cartilage, Radiological Grading and the relation between Symptoms and Radiology in the case of this disease.

Management and Differentials

Section four accommodates the explanation of Management and Differentials of osteoarthritis. The educator discusses the Clinical Features of osteoarthritis in addition to Clinical Features Specific to Hip Joint and Clinical Features in Knee Joint. The different Investigations carried out for the diagnosis of this disease are also highlighted.


In section five, the educator sheds light on Treatment of osteoarthritis by highlighting the Treatment Pyramid and Steps of Treatment. After this, the different steps of treatment are elaborated separately one by one which includes- Step 1: Taking a Holistic Approach, Step 2 : Appropriate Treatment for Patients, Step 3 : Non-surgical Options First and Step 4 :Surgical Options.

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