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Data 2fimages 2fe5zij6t8sg6hgnrky0si 181008 s0 mushtaq saima otosclerosis intro
Data 2fimages 2fxqnzqmrlstyu0wjxfubc 181008 s1 mushtaq saima aetiology
Data 2fimages 2fkllmmc8fr0wslevy3lyt 181008 s2 mushtaq saima types
Data 2fimages 2f71kalh1drja0nqidqpx7 181008 s3 mushtaq saima signs and symptoms
Signs and Symptoms
Data 2fimages 2fovsmannorhkkocnidcml 181008 s4 mushtaq saima diagnosis and treatment
Diagnosis and Treatment
Data 2fimages 2f7oqv0irtzmiuy3p2fxsq 181008 s5 mushtaq saima stapedectomy

Lecture´s Description


The following lecture addresses the topic of Otosclerosis. Section one is devoted to the explanation of Aetiology of Otosclerosis. The educator throughly demonstrates Anatomy of Labyrinth in the beginning and then moves on to report what Otosclerosis really is. Afterwards, the Aetiology of Otosclerosis is highlighted in detail.


Section two discusses different Types of Otosclerosis. The various types addressed by educator include Stapedial otosclerosis, Cochlear otosclerosis and Histologic otosclerosis.

Signs and Symptoms

The prime focus of educator in section three is Signs and Symptoms of Otosclerosis. The Pathology of this disease is pursued followed by an explanation of its Signs and Symptoms.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Section four sheds light on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Otosclerosis. The educator discusses the Differential Diagnosis of Otosclerosis. Following this, the Treatment options available for Otosclerosis are explained and an elucidation of various available Stapes Prosthesis is carried out. Moreover, Contraindications to Stapes Surgery are also highlighted.


Section five accommodates the description of various aspects of Stapedectomy. The educator firstly gives a detailed overview of Stapedectomy and highlights Steps of Stapedectomy one by one. Afterwards, the educator addresses the different Complications of Stapedectomy that can take place and mentions the Treatment Options available.

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