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Phobic Disorders
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Phobic Disorders Symptoms
Data 2fimages 2ft14guhugq8e7tlibmbzx 190318 s3 khan hina psychological assessment
Psychological Assessment
Data 2fimages 2frvuxb3etrykwap4byp8i 190318 s4 khan hina psychotherapy and medication
Psychotherapy and Medication

Lecture´s Description

Inquisitive to gain an understanding of the phobias? Here is the medical video lecture to serve the objective. This V learning lecture focuses on all the three major types of phobias viz agoraphobia, social and specific phobia. Additionally, phobic disorder symptoms, psychological assessment along with psychotherapy and medications has been explicated.

Phobic Disorders

In this section, primarily types of phobias have been brought under consideration. Moreover, these types including agoraphobia, social and specific phobias have been discussed. In addition to this, their prevalence, risk factors along with the characteristic features associated with each type has been delineated.

Phobic Disorders Symptoms

In the beginning, presentation of phobic disorders has been put forward. Subsequently, cognitive and certain behavioural symptoms have been explained. Additionally, somatic symptoms for each type of phobia viz agoraphobia, social and specific phobias, has been expansively elucidated.

Psychological Assessment

Initially, assessment of phobias has been presented. Furthermore, assessment of various co-morbidities has been conversed about in-detail. Conclusively, some other key features which need to be assessed have also been discussed.

Psychotherapy and Medication

Firstly, psychological treatment strategies have been delineated. Following this, certain cognitive and behavioural therapy approaches have been reported. In addition to this, pharmacological intervention for all the three types of phobias has been explicated distinctly. 

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