Suffocation and Asphyxia

Medicine, Forensic

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Suffocation and Asphyxia
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Data 2fimages 2fdqzjxuxvre6qxnxvearp 190112 s2 khan hina signs of asphyxia
Signs of Asphyxia
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Suffocation and Smothering
Data 2fimages 2fskn6eqor82hlffz2nihw 190112 s4 khan hina gagging and choking
Gagging and Choking
Data 2fimages 2feomiuliitxwxk2xkmxyy 190112 s5 khan hina traumatic and postural asphyxia
Traumatic and Postural Asphyxia

Lecture´s Description

Anything that interferes with oxygen transfer can be called asphyxia, though etymologically the word means absence of pulsation. Non-specific autopsy signs include abnormal fluidity of blood, post-mortem clotting. Traumatic asphyxia is caused by an intense compression of the thoracic cavity.

Suffocation is a death caused by reduction of the oxygen concentration in the respired atmosphere, formerly called a vitiated atmosphere. Another type of death which is caused from mechanical occlusion of the mouth and nose is classified as smothering.

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