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Data 2fimages 2fvg5ast8nrhi6v9smouls 181124 t1 farooq maheen overview
Data 2fimages 2f4xdtcycremuo1rummwxt 181124 t2 farooq maheen predisposing factors and prevalence
Predisposing Factors and Prevalence
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Data 2fimages 2f0ccih2glsrcklkstgjrg 181124 t4 farooq maheen classification
Data 2fimages 2fvtflhk4styegnnwyybeo 181124 t5 farooq maheen clinical features
Clinical Features

Lecture´s Description

The focal point of this lecture is to elucidate about a malady entitled Tuberculosis. Section one puts forward an Overview of the ailment. In the beginning, the educator has talked about the definition of tuberculosis (TB) under a head which is What is Tuberculosis? Following this, disease Etiology along with the Structure of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, a causative agent responsible for Tuberculosis (TB) has been referred to as well. In the end, the educator has winded up by mentioning about the Spread of Infection.

Predisposing Factors and Prevalence
Section two is devoted for a debate on various Predisposing Factors and Prevalence. Firstly, the Environmental Factors have been shed light on. Secondly, certain Pathological Conditions have been brought into reflection. Conclusively, the educator has wrapped up by speaking about the Prevalence of TB covering the casualties in the year 2017.

Section three accentuates on the Pathogenesis of TB. Initially, Pathogenesis and Immunity has been conversed about. Subsequently, each of the individual steps of the process have been brought under discussion. First and foremost, Infection and Macrophage Invasion has been presented. Next in line, Host Response, Granuloma Formation and Latency alongside Macrophage Activating Response has been reported as well. Furthermore, Delayed Type Hypersensitivity and the Role of Macrophages and Monocytes has been highlighted. In the end, the section concluded when the educator talked about the Role of T Lymphocytes.

The point of concentration of section four is the Classification. At the start, Classification of TB has been broadly considered. Firstly, one type termed as Pulmonary TB has been considered expansively. Ultimately, the other type of TB has been expounded which is the Extrapulmonary TB.

Clinical Features
Section five emphasizes on the Clinical Features. Initially, the Sign and Symptoms have been narrated. Furthermore, Systemic Symptoms have been presented as well. Succeeding this, Signs of TB have been conferred in detail. Conclusively, the educator has underlined the Clinical Presentation of Pulmonary TB.

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