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Tumours of Oral Cavity
Data 2fimages 2fk8qov5qticry6zsetara 190121 s1 mushtaq saima benign tumours
Benign Tumours
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Premalignant Lesions
Carcinoma Lip
Data 2fimages 2fkaxxicnnrlwma3we7y1z 190121 s4 mushtaq saima carcinoma oral cavity
Carcinoma Oral Cavity

Lecture´s Description

Papillomas are common in the oral cavity. They appear on the soft and hard palate, uvula, tongue and lips.  Fibroma is a smooth, mucosa covered pedunculated tumour. The usual cause of fibroma is chronic irritation.  Mucosal haemangiomas can occur in the oropharynx.  Lymphangiomas mostly involve anterior two-thirds of tongue. WHO defined leukoplakia as a clinical white patch that cannot be characterized clinically or pathologically.

Carcinoma lip is a squamous cell carcinoma, often seen in males in the age group of 40–70 years. Site of predilection is between the midline and commissure of the lip.  Most common site of carcinoma oral tongue is middle of the lateral border or the ventral aspect of the tongue.  Carcinoma hard palate starts as a superficial ulcer with rolled out edges and gives no symptoms except painless irregularity on the palate felt by the tongue.

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